This revolutionary sleek Android media hub not only turns your TV smart, but allows you to stream your video and photo content, as well as the latest movies and television shows, directly to your TV, all in stunning 4K Ultra HD. 4K SMART TV runs all your popular media services.

Brilliant Device Allows You To Watch New Movies And TV Without A Monthly Subscription?

With 4K Smart TV Box now for sale worldwide, this is a great solution to watch your favorite movies and tv shows without subscription!

Yes, I want Smart TV Box!

It is a all-in-one entertainment center that allows you to get rid of all your other hardware and remotes

All the apps we know are already pre-installed like you might know it from products like AppleTV, Amazon Firestick etc. But there is a main difference - it allows you to watch anything for free. With no subscriptions and completely legal.


You can even tune into live television 24/7 including virtually all the channels you get from your local cable company and hundreds more from all over the world. Everything Ultra HD of course.

What sounds to be to good to be true is reality, no strings attached. Of course you need to have internet and that is a few bucks a month. But don't you have it anyway? And concerning loading and buffer times. Smart TV Box automatically adjusts to your internet speed so every kind of content can be watched immediately. If Youtube works TV Box will work also.
With Smart TV Box you'll gain peace of mind, knowing you can watch your favourite shows.


Network functions: Skype chatting, Youtube, Flicker, Facebook, online movies, etc.
Free Internet searching, thousands of android applications, many kinds of games, etc.
Infrared remote control let you enjoy your wonderful life which the wireless brings to you.


  • Gaming

    With gaming options on your Smart TV Box, this is pure entertainment in all forms.

    Gain access to the most addictive games on Android. Enjoy games from the jump as a facet of your home entertainment. Connect a games controller to your Smart TV Box and take on addictive adventure, puzzle and shooting games. Make games on Android part of your day to look forward to.

  • Music

    Transport yourself with a global music and radio experience on your Android smart box.

    Stream playlists, concerts and music mixes through your TV and into your home. Tune into live internet radio from around the world.Embrace the London pace or have a New York Minute with world-renowned contemporary and ambient radio stations. Turn up the volume on your favourite artists and transform your home into your own mini-concert with your 4K Smart TV Box.

  • Movies

    Turn your home into your own private cinema.

    Enjoy the complete movie experience from the comfort of your own home, at your own space. Skip the advertisements and pause and continue at your leisure. Enjoy virtually any movie, new or old, in HD quality. Whatever your desired genre or age range, find a title everyone will enjoy. Find the world’s most popular films in excellent International and World Cinema sections.

  • TV Shows

    Be in control of what you see on Smart TV Box.

    Explore a virtually endless category of programmes in an easy-to-navigate interface. Enjoy any episode of any show, new or old. Enjoy the most popular shows with the most popular streaming apps. Relax at home and raise your spirits with your favourite shows at the click of a button, in consistent, HD quality.

  • Sport

    Watch a myriad of sporting events, matches and coverage at the touch of a button.

    See your favourite team and feel the nail-biting experience of shouting from the sidelines, even at home. Always be aware of what’s happening in the sporting world with fixtures, results and analysis available live online, or check in with the best sports blogs to be up to date on sporting news and events.

  • Browsing

    Surfing any website and social media that you can only previously do it in your PC.

    Enjoy as they unfold live on air. Simply connect the device to your TV via HDMI and connect to the internet to begin browsing without borders. Make your choice in comfort with a user-friendly interface. Don’t miss out on your favorite website and update on your social media. Simply connect to the internet to enjoy great content anywhere.

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I don't understand. How can it be legal to have access to all of these movies and TV shows and not have to pay my cable company or monthly subscription service?

TVBox is legal. It does not archive, host, store or distribute any kind of media or content. TVBox is only a directory or library of content which is hosted by third parties on the internet. The TVBox acts as a receiver, allowing you to access streams and play them on your television. It does not download anything. TVBox does not condone parties who pirate or download copyrighted media and this box is not to be used for such purposes. TVBox is 100% legal. It is legal to stream content. It is illegal to download copy written material. 

Will TVBox work in my state or area?

TVBox works anywhere there is an internet connection. It works in every country around the world.

After I purchase the box, will there ever be any monthly fees?

There is only a one-time purchase fee for TVBox. We will not charge you any monthly fees. 

What TV shows and movies can I see for free?

You can see almost every movie and TV series ever made. You can even access movies and shows that are still on Demand and episodes of TV that were just aired. You will never pay to watch any of them. 

How much does TVBox cost?

The cost of TVBox WAS lower than most boxes on the market at $143.00 but it is NOW available with a 30% discount at a 1 time fee of $97.97.

Can I watch live TV? What channels will I get?

You can definitely stream Live TV with the TVBox. There are hundreds of channels around the world that can be accessed.